Coral Farmers MarketSM Scheduled Coral Show Events 2018-2019

CFM Coral Show Events - 2018
CFM Coral Show Events - 2019

Image taken by attendee Hailey Mosca

Future Events

During 2017, the Coral Farmers Market SM coral show company, established a new working relationship with a cohosting organization in Chicago and we also once again established a working relationship with an old friend in California. This has allowed our company to return to its roots and we are now once again very strong in California. With three events annually comprising a total of over 100 vendor booths. And we now have a strong 44 vendor coral show in the Midwestern region. This has developed a core 4 event schedule for the CFM company in 2018. We are cohosting a primary event every 3 months now.

Outside these core 4 primary CFM events, (held in February, May, August and November), we also cohost the Reef Currents event held by the Houston MARSH organization. In 2018 we will be cohosting our 5th event with the MARSH organization on April 21st. This event has become the largest annual reef event in Texas.

The CFM company is still looking to add two more additional primary events to our annual schedule. We are looking for opportunities where a show is needed and perhaps local organizations have not been logistically able to get a significant annual event together. That was the case in the California Bay area where a medium sized event had not occurred in the region for years. In Southern California an exisitng event was faltering and in Chicago an existing event left the region. Those are the types of opportunities we will be looking into.

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