Coral Farmers MarketSM Coral Show Events 2018

CFM Coral Show Events - 2018

Future Events

During 2016, the Coral Farmers Market SM coral show company, also rented and setup our pipe and drape equipment for two independent coral shows. These were Texas Coral Fest events. We also attended Macna San Diego and RAP So Cal supporting specific vendors. With the holiday season fast approaching, we close upon 2016, while getting ready for some obvious changes in 2017. We are resetting most of our past relationships and looking to establish new ones and perhaps even reestablish old ones.

During 2017 the CFM company hopes to cohost one or two more Leeds Alabama (Birmingham) events along with Fay the Fish Lady. We will certainly schedule these small down home Alabama events whenever we can. We will also cohost a third CFM Coral Show event in the city of Louisville Kentucky. The event will once again be presented by the Louisville Marine Aquarium Society and will occur one or two weeks into November.

Our exciting news for 2017 is our first scheduled event. the Silicon Valley Coral Farmers Market SM coral show will occur on February 11th 2017. This will be the first time in 7 years that a CFM Coral Show has occurred in the Bay Area of California. Vendor support is strong. We have lined up some top coral vendors including World Wide Corals who are flying out from Florida for this event.

We are also looking for a couple of additional new 2017 events. And we are always ready to cohost any events with the LVMAS in Las Vegas. Please contact us at for inquiries.

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