Coral Farmers MarketSM Scheduled Coral Show Events 2020

CFM Coral Show Events - 2020

Image taken by attendee Hailey Mosca

Future Events

Please note - We apologize for not updating this page the past couple years. We have been posting banners and links to all our scheduled events in the top window frame. It changes every month and that is the easiest way to update. We will analyze this events page and see what can be done to make it more current. Thanks.

The CFM company operated 7 events in 2019, while also supporting an 8th event. This was our most busy year in our companies history. It occurs following a very difficult period from 2013 to 2016. We eventually found a winning event structure and got a second wind from the Bay Area of Northern California. Our first Silicon Valley Coral Farmers Market in February 2017, set the stage for a strong resurgence in the CFM Coral Show strategy. We added five more new events since then, with three added just in 2019.
2018 - [West Coast Coral Show, MAC Coral Show]
2019 - [San Diego Coral Farmers Market, Kansas City Coral Show, Phoenix Coral Show]

In 2020 the CFM Company has scheduled an additional 4 new events.
[Rocky Mountain Coral Show, SeaTac Coral Show, Indianapolis Coral Show, Atlanta Coral Show].
We now anticipate a record breaking year in 2020 with a total of 11 events. Finally turning the corner from the slow 2013 to 2016 period. Our average paid show attendance for our 7 operated events in 2019 was 364 paid attendees per event. This means we anticipate selling a minimum of 4,000 paid tickets in 2020. And our total available vendor booth count for 2020 will be 326 booths in a total of 11 events.

So the year 2020 will be the year the CFM operates 11 Coral Shows across the country. And in the year 2021 we have plans for four more new events. One more out West. Another in the Central Region. And two more new shows out east.

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