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The Coral Farmers MarketSM company currently supports, promotes and organizes coral show events located across the United States. These events primarily feature captively propagated and cultured reef corals. Activities also include the exhibition of captive reef products, the exchange of reef related information and socializing between attendees and exhibitors. Our company provides supporting infrastructure and has also established working relationships with most of the best coral vendors and farmers on the US mainland. Our vendors typically sell farmed or cultured organisms. We used to rent our pipe and draping trade show equipment to other events, but starting in 2020 we are primarily busy with coral shows cohosted by the CFM company. Our first event was held in February of 2006 and we just cohosted our 96th coral show event in April 2022. Every single one of our previous events that qualify as a CFM event are documented on our History page.

Our 100th CFM Coral Show Celebration 2022 !
The Coral Farmers Marketsm company is organizing and cohosting our 100th coral show event this June. The celebration will occur over two coral shows. The Dallas Coral Showsm on June 4th will be our 99th CFM event. We had originally thought this show was going to be number 100, but we had miscounted shows during the covid 2020 year. We will still celebrate 100 at this Texas based coral show. Then on June 11th the 100th show will be the West Coast Coral Show. A California celebration back where it all started. We are just in the planning stages, but attendees can at least expect awesome door prizes and upscaled raffle items. Join the celebrations in Texas or California !

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