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The Coral Farmers MarketSM company supports, promotes and helps organize events featuring the free market exchange of living reef corals. We provide supporting infrastructure and also have a working relationship with some of the best coral selling vendors and farmers on the US mainland. Our vendors typically sell farmed or cultured fragments of corals, but we have opened up some non-sanctioned events to all coral sellers. If an event is closed to whole imported colonies, it will be a sanctioned event with rules and restrictions.

NEW - CFM Pro Tour SM Events !
The Coral Farmers MarketSM company has added a new type of coral show to our event schedule. The CFM Pro TourSM stops are medium sized events that bring in around a dozen nationally known coral selling vendors. These events are scheduled in cities during an opportune time frame when there is very little trade show activity. These stops are not intended to be annual events, but are more or less events that can come and go into a planned city if the circumstances align properly. We also allow our coral selling vendors some control over where and when these events can occur. All of our vendors have been growing and selling corals for years. Local reef clubs can use these events to promote their clubs, hold raffles and also promote their own future events.

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