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CFM Pipe and Drape Event Rentals

Royal Blue Pipe and Draping Event Rental Installation

Please note that we have temoporarily stopped renting our pipe and draping equipment. This is because our own CFM show schedule is currently too busy.

Pipe and Draping is typically utilized in trade shows and consists of aluminum pipe framing and colored draping. We can construct 8 foot high walls and 3 foot high dividers. The drape color is only Royal Blue. Drape framing adds a professional look to the event and can provide significant functionalities. Vendors and exhibitors can hang banners from the pipe framing itself. Many venues specifically state in their rental agreements that nothing can be attached to venue walls. The framed booth walls can also provide a measure of security and privacy to the vendor. These issues are more of a concern for selling retailers. The walls are all measured out and that helps define specific vendor areas. We have seen issues where vendors can start having zones of control conflicts. The CFM also provides a full set of extension cords for the event. Sized from 25 to 50 to 100 feet long. Piping can also provide framework for center island power cord runs.

Our pricing for Pipe and Drape show rentals is below. Pricing based on single day event rental. Multiple day events can be negotiated. Booth number based on a mixture of 6x8, 8x8 and 10x8 booths. Events that require 10x10 sized booths can be negotiated separately. Please note - We currently do not offer the vendor booths rental service without delivery and setup. Pipe and drape rental must include the Transportation/Setup charge.

CFM Pipe and Drape Rental Prices
Vendor Booths
Rental Price
10 - 19 Booths
$ 500
20 - 29 Booths
$ 750
30 - 39 Booths
$ 1,000
40 - 49 Booths
$ 1,250
Travel Miles Abilene Texas
Transportation/Setup Price
Within 500 Miles
$ 500
Within 1,000 Miles
$ 750
Within 1,500 Miles
$ 1,000
[Note - Just One Transportation/Setup Price Applied to Each Rental]

CFM Vendor Display System Rentals

Display Model CFM-S-250W-30G with Glass Jewel-Case Shelves

The CFM rentable Vendor Display Systems are 30 Gallon Systems that can hold up to 75 to 125 fragments. The System includes: a custom made Glass aquarium from Advanced Aqua Tanks; custom built stand from the CFM; 250 Watt Double Ended PFO Mini-Pendant; PFO 250 Watt HQI Ballast; 250 Watt Double Ended Bulb (Phoenix 14,000 K or Helios 20,000 K); selection of different display shelves (Glass Jewel-Case Shelves imaged above); Eheim Liberty 200 GPH Filter with 4 new carbon cartridges (water clarity and flow); heater; thermometer; power strip; GFI circuit; a decorative skirt for the stand; and a shelf that is accessable from the back of the system. The custom built glass tank features a frameless diamond edge top. The lighting system is mounted with a custom built light stand designed by the CFM. The height of the light has 4 adjustment settings at 2 inch intervals. The pendant angle is adjustable on a swivel base. The 250 watt DE Mini-Pendant is mounted to maximize the light footprint within the display tank. The ballast utilized maximizes light (PPFD) output from the double ended metal halide. This system is meant to highlight the display of a vendors corals. As an event attendee walks up to this display the vendors corals will be highly visible from the front and the sides. There are currently 4 different display shelving options (Glass Jewel-Case imaged above, Glass Flat, Egg Crate Jewel-Case and Egg Crate Flat imaged below). The rental price varies for these different display shelve options. The CFM currently has six of these systems available for rent at CFM sanctioned events. Rental price includes setup by the CFM staff.

CFM Vendor Display System Rental Prices
Display Model
Display Shelf Options
Fragment Capacity
Rental Price per Event
Glass Jewel-Case Shelves
$ 95.00
Glass Flat Single Shelf
$ 90.00
Egg Crate Jewel-Case Shelves
$ 80.00
Egg Crate Flat Single Shelf
$ 80.00
No Shelf (customer supplied)
$ 75.00
[Glass and Egg Grate Jewel-Case Shelves can be mixed. Rental Fee = $135+$5/glass shelf]

CFM Vendor Display System with Egg Crate Flat

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