Southland Pro Coral Tour Fall 2014
One Weekend - Two Cities - Two States
Atlanta Georgia November 22nd Saturday 2014
Birmingham Alabama November 23rd Sunday 2014

The Coral Farmers MarketSM company is proud to announce our first ever Southland Pro Coral Tour. This 2014 route of the tour will start in Atlanta on a Saturday November 22nd and end in Birmingham on a Sunday November 23rd. So in one weekend we will be setting up coral shows in two cities located in two states. A busy weekend for the vendors that make the whole trip. And a great opportunity to bring some new and exciting corals to these two areas. We have vendors for every type of coral buyer. From the extreme coral collector looking for a few gems to a novice looking for some easy to keep corals at a cool price. For vendors we currently have 2 booths available at the Atlanta stop and are mostly sold out of booths in Birmingham, but we could expand out that venue a little.

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