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2011 Dallas Fort Worth Coral Farmers Market SM
Third Annual Winter Event
Presented by the DFWMAS
(Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society)

DFWMAS Presents Next Wave 2011 featuring
the Coral Farmers MarketSM Event

Fort Worth Botanic Garden
3220 Botanic Garden Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107

Sanctioned Event !

The 2011 Coral Farmers MarketSM sanctioned event was the third annual event run by the Dallas Fort Worth Coral Farmers MarketSM company. We were proud to announce that our 2011 event was presented by the DFWMAS within their 2011 Next Wave symposium. So our one day coral show occurred along with a full day of expert reef related speakers. The event location changed to the exotic Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Speakers made their presentations within an auditorium, while vendors and raffles occurred within a separate exhibition hall. There was also a large raffle put together by the DFWMAS. The DA-CFM coral show included 24 coral farming and exhibiting vendors who were selling or displaying their captive grown, cultured corals or reef related products to the public. Some of the best coral farming vendors from California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Maryland set up coral displays. Farmers included aquarists, retail reef shops, online coral shops and full scale coral farming enterprises. There was also exhibitors present who demonstrated and sold their products. This DA-CFM event also featured coral auctions. The DFWMAS ran the raffles and door prizes. Reef aquarists new to the captive reef market also saw a fine collection of easy to keep beginner corals. The Dallas Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society DFWMAS performed the show setup and tear down.

DA-CFM and CFM Staff

We would like to thank the following companies or individuals who have donated either products or services to the 2011 Dallas Fort Worth Coral Farmers MarketSM event. These companies and individuals help to make this event a success !

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