2006 BA-CFM History

Images of the 2006 Event below !

New print comemmorating the 2006 inaugural Southwestern CFM event
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2006 BA-CFM Vendors

2006 BA-CFM Auctions

2006 BA-CFM Raffles

2006 BA-CFM Booths

Sanctioned Event !

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the very first Bay Area Coral Farmers Market event a success ! We ended up with a total official attendance of 205 ! That occurred at the end of the summer month of June. The selection of captive grown corals was without a doubt the best offered for sale to date at a US event. Other then some power problems just prior to opening, there were very few operational problems. We have been getting some great feedback from the attendees and vendors. Quite a few of the vendors have already pledged to return next year. We had a great mix of some of the best coral farmers from Southern California and Northern California. Attendance however was a little lower then the attendance of the 2006 Southwestern Coral Farmers Market event. From a financial point of view the vendors experienced mixed results. Most profited or broke even from the event. A few did very well and a few did not do so well, but they did benifit from the exposure and networking. Many attendees were very happy with the incredible corals they were able to acquire and a business couple who flew in from Michigan were estatic about the selection. We are working to improve attendance during the 2007 BA-CFM event. We have scheduled the 2007 BA-CFM event to occur on May 20th instead of late June. We believe that this will avoid early summer issues that may have affected attendance. These issues include early summer heat problems and summer time vacations. We are also lowering attendee ticket prices to encourage sales. The 2006 BA-CFM event was slightly profitable overall for the BA-CFM and CFM, but that profit is represented by the capital assets (infrastructure) that we acquired. We believe that cash profits should not be expected the first year operating these types of events. We fully expect cash profits during the second year operations of our events.

BA-CFM and CFM Staff

2006 Bay Area Coral Farmers Market Images !
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South Aisle with the Early Afternoon Crowd. BAR club booth to right.

North Aisle with the Early Afternoon Crowd.

Mermaid Aquariums Incredible Booth display. Those large corals
were actually cultured plugs from Tonga and Indonesia.

Informational booth display for Reef Nutrition

Reeffarmer's Jewel-Box Coral Display

Clint and Krista Conway of Diamonds in the Reef setting up their display.

The booth display for Acoralsource.com. Owner Jeromy Carrol
appears to be unaffected by the affects of placing the
back of your head too close to a 400 watt halide.

Matt Juner of Reefready.net setting up the display.

YourReef getting their booth together.

Art's brother Victor at the Coral Farmers Market
Raffle and Auction booth just before opening.

Todd of AWExotics is a veteran of captive coral events.
Here he features the O.R.A. line of aquacultured corals.

After making the long drive all the way from Orange County California,
JenDub makes some final inspections of her eye candy.

Hugo Zuniga of Aquatic Marines also made the long drive
from Orange County California.

Tracy Gray checks out the incredible corals from another
Orange County California Coral Farmer, Reef Tec Designs.

Bay Area Aquarist Farmer Sheen Yen was present.

Eric of Fragfarmers and Mingwei of Atlantis Aquarium
Setup a novel combined vendor booth.

An incredible product display coming together for exhibitor ELOS USA.

We would like to thank the following companies or individuals who have donated either products or services to the 2006 Bay Area Coral Farmers Market event. These companies and individuals have helped to make this event a success !

Art Petit
Steve Tyree

BA-CFM History

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