2007 BA-CFM History

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Sanctioned Event !

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the second Bay Area Coral Farmers Market event a success ! We acheived a total attendance figure of 187. This slight drop was due to a 33 % drop in the total number of vendors. This drop in vendor participation however did not affect the hard core attendance ticket sales which actually slightly increased. Our first event in 2006 had very strong vendor participation which was probably too large for the number of hard core attendees. Our second event seemed to have a better match between vendor participation and hard core attendee participation. So for our first 2 BA-CFM events we have established a base hard core attendee participation which we will try to keep increasing each year. The BA-CFM and CFM were able to break even overall with less vendors because we scaled down the size of the event ballroom space. We are committed to repeating this event at about the same time and at the same place next year in 2008. We are going to work hard at increasing the number of vendors and to also acquire advertising to increase attendance in 2008 above the core minimum support we currently have established. Quite a few of the vendors did very well because of the lower total number of competing vendors and also because the attendees seemed to be more interested this year in the products the vendors were selling. The selection of captive grown corals was spectacular (see images below). We had almost no operational problems during the event. As usual we are getting some great feedback from the attendees and vendors. A couple of the vendors were concerned that they were leaving with as many corals as they brought, but that may have been their own fault since they admitted buying as many as they sold. We have added some images of the event below.

BA-CFM and CFM Staff

2007 Bay Area Coral Farmers Market Images !
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It was hard to walk away from this display. On the left side Atlantis Aquarium.
On the right side Fragfarmers. System was installed by Coral Farmers Market.
Click on image for closeup coral view (use browser back arrow to return).

Reeffarmers had over 140 fragments in this black glass jewel-case display.
System was rented from and installed by the Coral Farmers Market company.
Click on image for closeup coral view (use browser back arrow to return).

Todd from AWExotics combined a mix of preselling along with a great lineup
of corals from ORA to become the top performing vendor.

Reefready.net corals are on the left side of this display, while corals from snipersps
are on the right side. System was installed by Coral Farmers Market.
Click on image for closeup coral view (use browser back arrow to return).

We would like to thank the following companies or individuals who have donated either products or services to the 2007 Bay Area Coral Farmers Market event. These companies and individuals help to make this event a success !

Art Petit
Steve Tyree

BA-CFM History

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