2006 SW-CFM History

Images of the 2006 Event below !

New print comemmorating the 2006 inaugural CFM event
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2006 SW-CFM Vendors

2006 SW-CFM Auctions

2006 SW-CFM Raffles

2006 SW-CFM Booths

Sanctioned Event !

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the very first Southwestern Coral Farmers MarketSM event a success ! We ended up with a total official attendance of 261 ! That occurred during a rainy winter weekend in Southern California. The selection of captive grown corals was the best ever offered for sale at any previous US event. We must apologize however for the late start and the operational problems that did occur. We have been getting some great feedback from the attendees and vendors. From a financial point of view most of the vendors did very well. Many attendees were very happy with the incredible corals they were able to acquire. The event was profitable for the SW-CFM and CFM, but the profit is represented by the capital assets (infrastructure) that we acquired. We believe that the operational problems we experienced affected our ability to maximize our cash profits. We will fix these operational problems for our next SW-CFM event which will occur once again in February 2007 !

SW-CFM and CFM Staff

2006 SouthWestern Coral Farmers MarketSM Images !
(All images copyright of Wendy and John Moffit of Aquatic Systems Associates)

Front Desk Check-In

Raffle Ticket Table

Now that is a Jammed Booth

Staff of Atlantis Aquarium

Aquatic Marines with Eric Cammano

Jen Dub and her Eye Candy

How many vendors are in this booth ?

Reeffarmers Experimental Jewel-Case Coral Display

YourReef selling corals !

Unknown Captive Coral Display

SW-CFM History

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