2007 SW-CFM History

Images of the 2007 Event below !

2007 SW-CFM Vendors

2007 SW-CFM Auctions

2007 SW-CFM Raffles

2007 SW-CFM Booths

Sanctioned Event !

Thanks to everyone who helped or participated in making the second Southwestern Coral Farmers MarketSM event a great success. We ended up with a total official attendance of 304 ! This was the most successful Coral Farmers MarketSM sanctioned event that we had ever operated. The selection of captive grown corals was the best ever offered for sale within the US during a single day event. We had almost no operational problems and the ones we did experience were only minor problems with auctions and raffles. We have been getting some great feedback from the attendees and vendors. From a financial point of view most of the vendors did very well. Attendees were very happy with the incredible corals they were able to acquire. The attendance for this 2007 SW-CFM event was 20 % higher then our initial 2006 event. Unofficially there were also from 10 to 15 more attendees who slipped in as vendor assistants and we will be more strict at future events in making sure that all vendor participants and assistants have official tickets. This is mainly because during the first 2 hours of this event we were right at maximum floor capacity for this venue. We sold out of vendor booths and there were 4 more potential vendors who were inquiring about booths. For the 2008 SW-CFM event we are looking for a slightly larger venue. This 2008 event will once again be held in mid to late February. Expect an announcement by the summer of 2007.

SW-CFM and CFM Staff

2007 SouthWestern Coral Farmers MarketSM Images !
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Early Entrance Lineup

YourReef from Sacramento

AWExotics from Apple Valley

FragCity Corals from San Diego

Reeffarmers Right Side of Jewel-Box Display

Gresham of Reef Nutrition

Greg Carroll from Mira Loma

Garrett's Acropolis from Costa Mesa

The Fragfarmer Crew
(Image copyright Fragfarmers)

OC Aquatics from Huntington Beach

Toucan Moon Corals. Utah in the house !

Reeffarmers employees just before the coral madness overwhelmed them.

We will be adding more images as we recieve them. If you have images of the 2007 SW-CFM event please email them to styree@ispwest.com . These are the best ones Steve took, since he forgot to turn the flash of his new camera to the on position. Thanks to Eric Cammano for post process work on: FragCityCorals; Toucan Moon Corals; Reef Nutrition; Reeffarmers Right Side and OC Aquatics Images.

We would like to thank the following companies or individuals who have donated either products or services to the 2007 Southwestern Coral Farmers MarketSM event. These companies and individuals have helped to make this event a success !

Art Petit
Steve Tyree

SW-CFM History

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