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Sanctioned Event !

Thanks to everyone who helped or participated in making the first Northwestern Coral Farmers Market event on August 4th 2007 an operational success. We ended up with a total official attendance that was near 100 ! This was the most logistically difficult Coral Farmers Market that we ever operated. Our support equipment had to be driven over a two 2 trip to Portland. We ended up with 4 coral farming vendors setting up live coral displays. There was plenty of coral available for the amount of participants that attended this event (see the images of corals below). Our logistical support for this event worked well and what we learned will help us during future events. We have also been getting some great feedback from the attendees and vendors. From a financial point of view most of the vendors did okay. The NorthWestern Coral Farmers Market received excellent support from the Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society. Another regional hobbyist group, the Mid-Columbia Saltwater Aquarium Club, also participated. We are making plans to hold our second annual NorthWestern Coral Farmers Market during the late summer or early fall during 2008. It will either be scheduled during August or September 2008. We will update this web site with the new information sometime around the end of 2007. See images of the 2007 event below !

NW-CFM and CFM Staff

2007 NorthWestern Coral Farmers Market Images !
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Reef Corals Selling Corals

AWExotics came all the way from Apple Valley California.

Steve from Reeffarmers looked a little scruffy after having his shaving cream
confiscated on the plane trip from Ontario California.

This is an example of a logistics problem the Coral Farmers market had to solve.
How do you keep the unsold corals alive Saturday night ? These did extremelly well.

AWExotics brought well over 100 fragments. This closeup image of the Saturday night holding tank
shows Todds unsold corals (incandescent light image). System was installed by Coral Farmers Market.
Click on image for closeup coral view (use browser backarrow to return).

We would like to thank the following companies or individuals who have donated either products or services to the 2007 NorthWestern Coral Farmers Market event. These companies and individuals help to make this event a success !

Art Petit
Steve Tyree

NW-CFM History

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